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Statistics show it to b one thing without question.  

feet in the sand 



I want to do a little test that was done to me many years ago when I was a manager of an outdoor retailer and we were weeks from finally getting the store built.  

I got to be part of the team “bouncing ideas” for the mission statements of a few companies, which was a neat process to be part of outside a text book. 


Yes, we must ASSESS PROFITS AND LOSSES. We need to be mindful of inventory that is not turning, sure we must focus on customer service being better than we’ve ever had every single day, we should keep our stores spotless, and our staff hungry and humble to serve.


Okay, that is sort of a given in (at least) high level American retail marketplace.   


When I read the "The Experience Based Economy" in the early 2000's as we launched that store, it struck me how retailers had to make this authentic connection to the consumer or you'd lose them to the 100 other options. So, we shifted into the “experience” being the most important thing to retain customer loyalty and for word of mouth to spread about the right reasons. 


So, with that company, and I say this a lot, but it's a wonderful metaphor as I try to sculpt out our official mission statement, I learned that they don’t have to be defined by quantifiable measures that we would expect 20 years ago. 


We engrained in our sales staff, and made sure only to hire people who really got this at a soul level, that our mission was not to sell the most kayaks, camping gear, bikes, clothes, etc..... YES, we had to sell a lot of these things at good margins to pay the staff, the overhead, and the chance to see this dream grow, but it wasn’t the mission. 

Trust I’m not being naïve here about the hustle, but follow me on where the two lines meet.


As a manager in two departments I myself (bikes), or the team I managed (footwear) won two national awards (or were recognized nationally)


I say this not to toot my own horn, but to show you that you can sell a lot of high quality products AND SHAPE LIVES.  In fact, it was because I knew these products were shaping lives that it wasn’t selling. I was helping them achieve something that I knew would benefit them.  Seeing them on the trails, seeing them walking comfortably at work after years of not being comfortable, whatever the case, we wanted to bring families closer together and studies showed that this was experiences as a family outdoors. 


So, rock climbing, kayaking, canoeing, camping, skiing, even gearing up customers for climbs on famous summits across the world, was not about the price point, it was about knowing how they would come back a better shade of who they are. 


To bring families closer together by providing high quality gear for them to safely and without reservation - hike, camp, bike ride, rock climb, and do what statistics shows us is one of the most vital components of the family unit. Get outside, challenge yourself, be part of nature.  Your children will not remember many days from 5-9 when he is 30, but what he or she will, is that trip you took into the mountains for that overnight hike and camp. 



I wonder if that test still holds water, if you would humor us, give just a few minutes and think of about 3-5 things that stand out as memories you would say have shaped you in your early years.  In my case, only one or two was a family trip, but when it came down to my daily newspaper and coffee, there was no question what was the most valuable memory in my life.


What stands out to you as a childhood memory?


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