Solgave Clothing - Why did we choose "The Common Thread" as a tagline?

Solgave Clothing has been in motion for 4 years, whether we knew it or not.  I had written about our aspirations for Solgave on September 9th, 2012 ( and those aspirations laid out plans to move to the United States and start an animal care company around the skill sets of the mother of my two children and my passion for small business development.  (Solgave Animal Solutions) 

Initially the concept was 100% altruistic, so it needed some real cash flow branches of the tree, some time, and maturity to step towards the deeper vision of what we believe in, what we stand for, and why this t shirt company was launched in October 2016.  

And that is natural healing.  Healing of our mind, body, and soul.  

We have a story, like all of you.  

Our t shirts aspire to be organic (not all options initially will be) and keep a mindful approach towards sustainable practices and fabrics.  In order to "e the change" we recognise that it's important to walk the walk. 

We will use this blog section to link to stories on our original blog site, and share what is happening in real life to inspire us in 4 areas of life that will lead to the designs or musings you find on our products. 

Health and Wellness (Meditation, Yoga, and Diet) 

Personal Development and Recovery (Know Thyself is our Religion)

Humanity and Social Activism (Take a Stand for What Matters Most to You) 

Mother Earth (Animals and Nature that Heal and Bring Balance) 

We thank you for giving our products a try, and hope you follow our journey and growth from our attempt to live courageously, with inspiration and to not fear failure.