Growing Up (Unite with Love - Resist with Love)

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I am growing up.


And as a reflection of that, things around me are changing. 


This isn’t a blog post about my time abroad last year (yet) …that likely should be one of a series of books, no, this is a short and simple message from my heart.  (by short I mean 1000 words)


Solgave Clothing ----- The tagline was inspired by the Native American proverb and sent via a nudge of a dear friend. I knew it was important, I knew it defined the future of the clothing project, but not until this week did I begin to understand how to talk about what that means to me, and ask you questions about what it means to you.

Soon a team will help me redefine our grass roots passion, farmer's markets, and outside the box ideas to spread this message that surpasses t shirt sales we need to stay in the game. 


What I can tell you is this. It is a theory of mine, a belief, that we as humans have lost our way into a sea of division.  This goes against the core of who we are, and is more in tuned with a machine that benefits from our hearts building walls and not bridges. 


When I began to realize that I sometimes held blind allegiance, and kept one person accountable and not another who behaved the same way, I was lying to myself about the virtues driving me.  You can be an activist, you can be political, in fact I think you should – but I believe in my heart we should nudge each other to make sure the virtues or principles driving our message are consistent across the board. 


When I get a chance to sit with you, and hand you one of our Common Thread t shirts after 60 minutes of our exchange of energy, we can then begin to see if my hope of what that ripple sent out across the cosmos just might do.  This is not a gimmick to me, it’s a belief that our products, the fabrics, the messages, and ultimately the tag line of our entire company – The Common Thread. I see it as a divine and intelligent aspect of what we call consciousness, and I see it as a beautiful thread that glows when our hearts unite, and fractures when we feel nothing but spite. 


Solgave Animal Solutions --- ITS OFFICIAL 



We are waiting to sign the letter of intent, but so many steps have now been taken I can start to talk about it. We should take over the website and social media pages we created very soon, so many long house and amazing nights of dedication to create and build something so original. 


We designed SAS to give us mobility, I wanted to blend Sunniva and I’s skills, tap into a market that was growing exponentially, and change the game in a positive way while slowly taking steps to make sure our family was financially secure. 


We left a bit early in my opinion, my business friends knew we had JUST COMPLETED the hardest 2 years AND it was about to get a lot easier to do the build out of our concept into new regions and finally feel the financial burdens lift a lot more, but as Will Smith says, and is my mantra right now, there cannot be a fault-mind, unless you want to live in a victim state, it’s just “what do we about this now?”


In a unique twist of fate, the new owner and his mother (who moved down to help him) would like to get back up to the NE United Sates. 


I’ll be building a team in the next 2-3 months, and look forward to the 5-year anniversary pack walk, some tweaks to the way we do social media, hopeful input from the greatest energy worker in the world, possible online training and workshops, along with all the things you are already used to.


Now the clothing project also has its foundation.  I have a list of 15 small businesses that I hope will be my first conversations about fears, newsfeeds, hopes, and how we all believe we can help the world in a tiny way.


It’s not just a theory, it’s now quantum mechanics, if your neighbour is not doing well, it is in your best interest to help.  We are not a species meant to isolate or alienate or think “oh they can handle it.”


The more we give, more the we get back. 


I have a great feeling about this year, the chance to talk about a specific end goal I call the Solgave Project.  It has rope courses (low rope only to start) and a collection of teachers, therapists, animal communicators, and more who believe that a natural approach to learning and healing is best, and with natural elements as the backdrop (Sweden was always supposed to be where that started). And that connections that have been fractured within the human spirit, can not only be strengthened, but completely restored. 


Honest Moment


At my worst, I judged you guys. The bible belt, the gun toting Republicans, the people who did not see the world how I did. What an arrogant way to be, and certainly looking back, when against virtues I do aspire to have driven me. We will never be perfect you guys, the animal within us, living in that primal cortex, it’s our emotions our passions, and gets evolved with inner work.   


I lost my own way. I lost my sense of curiosity, and kindness and the ability to listen to those who felt different than me.  This does not mean I suddenly agree with everyone, it only means that peace is possible when we suddenly take the time to understand who they are.


Because honestly, that’s what we all need the most.  To be understood. 


Thank you for the patience, the inspiration, and the support. 


Finally, on the concept of love since tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. 


I’ve had a broken heart most of the last 3 years, for a person I still love and always will.

We have not recommitted to a state of being on the same team in over 3 years. Most of you know this.  A push pull period that can’t be and shouldn’t be talked about in this venue by only my perspective, but I know that period is ending. 


My error, was believing I had to have her on my team to build this.  It was a confusing period, and again, I learned the most about observing my own behaviour. Hurtful if I saw her push ahead since in my mind we were the only co-captains. 


Love is a risk. Launching a business Is a risk.  And I have no regrets about anything at this stage, because I learned more from the pain, and the failures, then I ever did from the awards we won.


I am not a fortune teller, and certainly can’t predict the future.  The hardest part about my loss of connection to Sunni, the cofounder of this whole journey, was what I referenced earlier, we all want connection and to be understood.  For me, as a spiritual guy in a human body, I had to finally, painfully so, realize that the part of me that were empty is what held me back from moving on, and possibly held me back from uniting with her as I always wished.


I say this today with no agenda, nobody would understand our journey but us. I look forward to building this thing we set out to do, and I hope she wants to help because she is the greatest energy worker in the world.


And if there is one Valentine I have left today, before moving on (if that is our final destiny), it is her.

People asked me 1000 times. Why did you stay around? You have NEVER in 44 years chased someone.  

Esoterically I thought it a few ways. I broke some hearts along the way by not being ready to commit, and maybe it was one of the laws of nature catching up with me.  

The mother of my children, the pioneer of this journey, and the one who showed me every single shadow, reaction, and aspect of me I needed to improve, the value of that my friend's is solid gold.   That’s how soul mates work.

We either calcinate the rough edges to help our journey, or you prepare yourself for the next one in a more enlightened state of who we are becoming.  

Now, on to new kinds of love, connections, and a real belief that this matrix we live is something I sense people are waking up to.  

I do my best work when I can meet you guys in person and share what this means to me, so I am terribly excited about 2018 and I know that anything is possible.


See it. Believe it. And then achieve it.