Landed in Sweden - The Real Birth of this Project Begins This Week (Update)

So, the project that won't stop! 

I have two young ones that grab my soul, so papa experiences, jet lag, and trying to find my way back into a hectic rhythm have been the tone of the week. 

What's coming? Sales! Promotions! Contests! Cover photos with people wearing product! 2 blogs a week, every week, and live FB videos to help expand our culture and weave together a story that is 5 years old. 

A dream more real than ever before. In the comment section I will post something I wrote September 9th 2012.  What's in that? Everything we eventually did.  

A manifestation of animal care back in the US where I was from.  From the pack walk concept realized on a walk with 5 dogs right here on the Intercoastal trail you enter steps from our door, to ribbon cuttings, car magnets, and a staff to manage.  

And even beyond our expectations, 1st runner up in a 4 month long business accelerator competition in the fastest growing economic region (I can give links) in the country. Home to corporate headquarters of JB Hunt, Walmart, Tyson, and other Fortune 500 companies.  30 companies entered, we got first runner up. 

Solgave Animal Solutions was a side step to solve a problem (cash flow and animal care costs) and to provide a unique service with a special soul tapped into the energy of all animals (my wife) We had fun! We learned! We failed on about 12 services, and fine tuned the profitable ones that led to that award. 

Workshops on mindfulness, and all aspects of home and professional animal care.  But that is not my dream, nor was it hers, so that business is growing and still going.  An homage to us, the new owners chose to keep the name despite a blessing to build a new brand.  So the seed planted in 2012 still grows today.  That journey was a vital learning component of the DREAM. 

It combined a farm with low rope elements where I could do team building workshops like I had attended through my working career, animal therapy which I had been on the receiving end once, and my wife is finishing up studies to become one, and then there are workshops, ideas that blend international elements.  

Like our animal care, it will take vision, planning, sacrifice, patience, and STEPS. Nothing is built out of thin air and without sweat, but what we entrpeeneurs love is creating, providing jobs, mentoring our staff or clients, and being free from the constraints of helping another person build their dream. (although that is how you get your apprentice time in) 

Now, this little side project? Mentioned in that blog from 5 years ago.  I will get SEO up, true "advert" posts on IG and FB targeted to that audience, and content that is polished better.  

It's a way to help finance our dream, provide a quality product using fabric as a canvas for messages of hope, inspiration, activism, and healing.  

I need to add designs on new fabrics for women, men, and kids. We are looking at greeting cards, wall art, and in the next 21 days will pull 3 designs, and add 2.  

The goal? Profitable and fun! An extension of the larger dream that state one more time, every aspect was manifested ahead of time.  Years ahead of time in many cases. 

But to achieve, you can't be afraid to fail, try some things that don't work, and keep trying.  This gig takes perseverance and no fear of looking like the fool once in awhile. 

The flow is back, the hum is being heard, and my hope is to see this branch of the tree on peoples backs across the world. 


We want your stories, ideas, photos of you wearing our products traveling, and stay tuned as contests, promotions, and give aways begin by June 1st as we prepare to hit targets for June, July, and August with drive and hustle and hunger pulling the train. 

We are all part of this web, I have felt it, I believe it, and every ounce of our content is real, sometimes very raw, and always with hope for a better tomorrow.