Musings on the Meaning of LIfe (Common Thread)

Musings on the Meaning of Life (always written stream of consciousness)


Do you ever wake up feeling so appropriately rested, nothing feels impossible?  Today is that day. 


It’s a rare occasion when you have a small child, or drift around the world on a mission or quest to find a lost love that had faded into the horizon, something your heart kept whispering…no, no, my heart wasn’t whispering folks, it was screaming “DO NOT GIVE UP” and when my heart speaks, I listen. 


Here is something about Jared Ritter I have to know.  I trust my own inner voice over every single soul on the planet in certain spaces of time. (you’ll get that in a minute)


You can call it cocky, or you can call it falsely self-assured, or you can call it whatever you want.  I call it trust, between me and the Great Unknown that I have always had a unique relationship with since I was a little boy.  It may come in meditation, it may come in transcendental states, it may come in conversations with YOU, through YOU. 


It’s an alignment with the universe, that occurs when thoughts, words, and actions are harmonious.  It’s when we live by principles and not by a god damned dogma or political party.


This is not a rant, (this is me typing 60 words a minute to finally push out some art before tearing down some walls today) because trust me I love sports, and groups, and missions and causes and even politics…but my cause? 


Fighting for those who can’t fight for themselves I suppose. For the forgotten ones, for the part of the world that is still hurting! That needs a leg up! Standing rock, indigenous tribes, people who have been marginalized FOR TOO LONG, for those not making those wrongs right, the planet still suffers! The world works like the individual path, we need to make amends for atrocities. Pretending something didn’t happen or fracture parts of our culture is not going to be fixed with time. Like a broken marriage, one must work at repair and bring the shadows into the light to make sustainable changes. 


Native Americans in in the US know what I mean. I am sending off my application for a new CDIB card so I can take advantage of the insurance, but trust me, I am not one to just take that luxury and spit on this group, my great grandma on my father’s side was born in a tee pee.  I feel the “blood in the water” as Dave Matthews profoundly states in his homage to that scab of our history. 


I want history books to read write, not to make us feel better. JFK was spot on, we need news to be unbiased and true, not news feeds to propagate our own feelings and make a natural divide predating Civil War, even wider. When we can get real facts, and make decisions based on logic, and not emotion, we will move further ahead.


Emotions are great, but it’s the animal in us where they stem from. Our “passions” and “feelings” are visceral and strong, and watch when they emerge. The other aspect of the “I” or the “we” is the soul, the divine, the all that is. 


For me? What I care about, love and civil rights, and culture and children and hope and unity. 


So yeah, that dog is worth the fight….and my political fight aligns more with the fragile liberals (as the right would call it) b/c my battles seem to always tap into my heart. 


But I watch the liberals cheer against the other side and sometimes begin to lose my enthusiasm.  Perhaps I’ll always be an independent, a Libra meant to see both sides.  I’ll fight for any leader who stands by principles and wants to help every single citizen of the land.


Now I step off my high horse, god knows I’m just, at best, like every average human that exists.  Full of two dimensions, my shadows and my light.  My divine and my evil.


The sun and the moon, the known and the unknown.  What is behind my eye does not scare me, but I find most do get scared to look you deep in the eyes. 


Because they see the part of themselves they don’t yet know.  And it spooks them.


So, they stay busy, real busy. Smart phones, apps, and more chores to move faster! Anything but what shows us who we really are.


Humans my friends are not just animals, we are something more.  Connected to plants and the beasts, but we almost feel like we don’t belong here, don’t we?


Watch animals and plants and the planet’s ecosystem. It has a rhythm not like ours.


I think it’s because we come from another place, there is a uniqueness to our presence on the planet and the galaxy and it’s far past clocking in and clocking out, it’s about unification of vibration and light. 


Solgave means literally “gift from the sun” and what a gift to have a brand that at its core, like my own country, is an idea quite noble. 


Immune to mistakes? Errors? Failures? Missteps? 


Nope, but it fights for ideals that nobody can dispute, and it has heart driven by something very real. 


This isn’t meant to flow with contextual insights, it’s one man’s stream of consciousness musings about the world we live in. 


Happiness is one emotion, I am a philosopher at heart, it is not in me to be happy at all times …lol (laughed out loud typing that and it felt good) …no, I’m here to reflect, experience, and try to make sense of this human existence that I can guarantee you I am not here to be a sheep.


I admire you guys for waking me up, anyone that shakes me to my core in any way, and you guys know who you are, have value. 


This once a week free flow will tap into my search for meaning in a shared world I call “The Common  Thread” 


I sell things I believe in, and whether it be t shirts, animal care, or a project about the evolution of self, I promise to give all I can, and I trust that’s good enough. 


My challenge to you this week?  See if your thoughts about the newsfeed of your life, really are helping the collective or hurting?


What principles do both sides have that are good, and where to both go wrong?


There is no magical cure, and hell, we may likely be living in a simulation (maybe I tap into that next week) but no matter what you guys, remember we are in this thing together.