Original designs, wall art, and more products ready by November 1

We are a t shirt company with a big heart. Solgave Animal Solutions was a branch on the tree of a very altruistic, but very clear vision of a healing center.  When you have something tied to your soul like Solgave is to us, it's vital that every component have high integrity, quality, and extreme level of service.  

Our clothing designs will inspire you, make you think, laugh, or represent a cause you believe in.  

All the designs will be from our core ethos and whether Planet Earth, Personal Development, Humanitarianism and Activism, or just clever slogans that make us smile, you'll find these collections and categories by the first of November.  

We are proud of our new logo, and proud to be using American Apparel blanks. They are the highest quality, made in the US, and the organics come with specs that were important to us.   

We are a work in progress and so is our company, but the promise that we can stand by, is getting  better every month along the way.  

Read our blog section for stories on how certain life experiences shaped one of the new designs you'll soon see issued.  


One thing that makes us unique from any apparel company I know of in the world, is the tie between the design or musings to real life experiences that brought healing in a natural way.  This is the final leg on the ladder leading to our biggest dream yet, the Solgave Project.   

Thank you for the support!