Solgave Clothing 2.0 (We're back....and here's what it means)

Guess what?

Solgave Clothing is going back up, sort of like the home I am helping restore right now.  Another divine link on the chain of destiny, in fact, I got permission from my mother to share a story or two. I still want to meet with as many as possible, I am collecting stories of the heart, perhaps things that have occurred in your life that defy the natural laws of the universe as we know them.


The reason the Common Thread was chosen as a tagline, is because of our belief about the web of consciousness. It’s proven time and time again by mother’s worrying correctly about a child, feelings that can’t be explained. Premonitions, telepathy, and so much more. Beyond the field of understanding, is well, everything waiting for the rational mind to understand. 


My belief is so strong in this connection, that I have a vested interest in your growth, success, and happiness.  I see not Republicans or Democrats anymore (trying) but people who live by principles we all share.


What I did wrong with this project? Well, the concept, that’s about it. The rest was a period of running around the world in the name of love, and a push-pull experience that one day might make a cool book. BUT, I GOT advanced training on all things related to Solgave.


Permaculture, even got to work with bees!  Natural healing, homeopathy, and really blessed to be around some of the brightest minds in Scandinavia trying to help the world reach a better place.  

Now I land not to “get a break” but TO BUILD... I planned to build something as smart as SAS, so that in some time, I could work remotely a few months a year, and open a door for the children to come here in the summer. 

In desperation while traveling abroad in Norway, I put up a bunch of crappy designs, and while they were GOOD SLOGANS, horrible color saturations, font choice, etc. I was living remotely, desperate to try and drum up a sale or two, but with limited access and funds that were going fast, it was not pretty. ;)


The fact is, our logo itself, and other 8 designs were done by highly trained professionals, and one of my favorites is a Fayetteville artist. 

She created what might be my favorite design, (outside of the logo, which I think is one of the best in the world) and I ruined it by attaching the logo beneath it, and to double up on my faulty judgement, the colors didn’t weave together at all.   


That design will now feel like a fresh launch, but I will lean on the logo products, and build on the Solgave brand as it was intended to do.

The Facebook page for Solgave Clothing I am stripping down to the bones, just like the house I am helping renovate.



Because while I give good advice to paying clients (have had 2 with consulting) I followed none of my own advice. And it's just a mess.  But! It’s made me hunger to do what I know to do well, create a vibrant social media page with engaging posts.

So, the second wave of demolition has happened, and our product inventory are all the best designs done by people not named Jared. (including my friend PJK who I must give credit for the What Would Buddha Do? Shirt)

I sell things I believe in, I promote well, and create events that inspire and encourage people to do better. I'm gonna focus on that.

This tag line you guys, feels like a life purpose tied to Solgave and its larger vision.

Like every human on the planet, it's had its struggles, mistakes, miscalculations, but I don't give up on the things I believe in. And all aspects of Solgave, I believe in. The message was from Source regarding its creation, and my ten days in Vipassana and other “signs” are just too powerful to ignore.  

In a powerful twist of fate, it appears these shirts can be seen at monthly events around NWA in the spring, and future seasons ahead with a company that Sunniva and I founded many years ago. I'll talk about that in detail when its finalized, but let me just say, a "Surrender Experiment" I began around mid-December, has turned out cool so far.

A team of people behind this clothing project, holistic animal care and mindfulness workshops, and a real momentum push towards the project itself…which to me, is a magnum opus of my purpose on earth, has me on fire again. And you guys it’s been too long.  

I want to coach people, I have had a life story and experiences that make me relate to so many people around the world, and I've wanted to help others most of my entire life.

It's hard to do that, until we erode all the denials within ourselves, expose our own limitations, and go deeper into the quest of why we are here, and how we get in our own way.

Solgave is about healing, trust, synergy, organic eating, understanding the balance of nature and animals's about transformation. It always has been, and always will be. 


We are all “gifts from the sun” (what Solgave means)

And to me? A very personal story.

My children live in Sweden right now, and I am best serving them by being here. I gave a big try this year on the other side, and not only didn't move ahead, moved back. But what I lost in some areas, I gained in knowledge of myself through all the amazing people and experiences I had.

And especially, the struggles.


Life is win or learn, so if we face failures or mistakes, we have a net gain.

Let me repeat that. If we FACE OUR MISTAKES, we come out further ahead than before making it. 


That’s growth, that’s life outside the comfort zone where all the magic happens.

I just took the website down to 51 pieces, it had around 150.


I'll do more work and soon have some shirt in hands to hand out to businesses and people who believe in our larger vision.

The monthly events, can, could be, a real catalyst to finally give the message of hope we have wanted to send out for so long.

"All those who wander are not lost."

“The sun shines not on us but in us. The rivers flow not past, but through us. Thrilling, tingling, vibrating every fiber and cell of the substance of our bodies, making them glide and sing. The trees wave and the flowers bloom in our bodies as well as our souls, and every bird song, wind song, and tremendous storm song of the rocks in the heart of the mountains is our song, our very own, and sings our love.”

― John Muir