"Starve the War. Feed the Revolution - CAW" New design, youtube video, and a message to ignite souls.

“Starve the War. Feed the Revolution. – CAW”


What a provocative and accurate statement regarding the choices we make on how to co-create a new reality, a stronger society, and ultimately a healthier planet. 


When I was asked to do this project, it was initially just a chance to get one t-shirt to an influencer on social media.  When you have a new product or service of any type, one avenue of getting that out to people, is through influencers. But after an hour doing a Facetime Video interview with her, I was creatively ignited by a desire to try to spark some interest in people around the world, by helping this quote of hers, and the message behind it, spread as far as we can spread it. The more people tapped into the concept and awareness of this, the better off our planet and the future of humanity is in my opinion. That may sound inflated, but I mean it. I care more about the message, than a t shirt or coffee mug.  (but we need to people to see the message!)


This has now turned into something tied to my own life’s purpose.   So, I will be putting links to some of our products with this message (and I will customize it on any of our products if a style of shirt suits you better)  


For those of you new to Solgave, I share some insights into how the brand was formed and why, in the video link below.  To give a short summation, healing the human spirit (they are the paying clients, although you’ll see many animals healed) through natural means this planet provides is the core ethos.



I am a great example of how to treat yourself, or deal with emotions UNNATURALLY, so as I have gone through waves of ridding the shadows and denial of my own psyche, my own ego, my own spiritual journey makes the passion connected to Solgave very real.  Balance and inner peace, trust building, these are all things I have seen GO AWAY, so again, it’s a powerful part of my future to see people find NATURAL WAYS to find your inner peace. 





Who is Courtney Walsh? And what does this slogan mean to her? How can we all spark change because of it?


Courtney Walsh had her dark night of the soul around 2005. A failed suicide attempt (after a long bout with depression) left her in “the looney bin” trying to pick up the pieces.  Inside that facility, she and others spoke about the lack of personal authenticity or relatability in the self-help/ spiritual movement….so she wrote a book from a very real, and very relatable spot!


That book can be purchased here (Lipstick and Thongs in the Looney Bin)



That memoir sparked her journey into being a leader, a voice within the spiritual community and quickly gained a huge following on Facebook.  It’s clear that she has a strong voice and deep connection with her supporters.  She is, to use her own words, a bit of tough love approach mixed with deep compassion.  You see, when you have been a survivor to anything like suicide, or addiction, or abuse of any kind…. you come out knowing that every person on the planet has few excuses to come out of that darkness, when they are ready. 


After speaking with her and relating it to recovery from substance abuse, I would say the willingness to change must be strong.  In other words, we can’t carry someone if they aren’t willing to accept the advice of others and the world required to really commit to a process of change, evolution of your own mind. 



“Starve the War. Feed the Revolution.”


What a statement man.  I already have one design that says, “Never Forget, we are the Revolution.” This was an homage to Bernie Sanders from our company, so this statement hit me hard, and I immediately had my own feelings about what it meant.


I pictured the parable regarding the two wolves, a Native American grandfather talking to his grandson. Whichever wolf we feed, grows. (aspects tied to fear, and love) There is a connection to the statement as she explained it. 


“Starve the War” is about the warrior inside all of us.  I like to think of this as the primal cortex part of our brain, the “fight or flight” or as she says, “Kill or be killed” This part of us is defensive, builds walls, not bridges…and is ready to engage in battle with anyone that threatens them. This is old energy, again, it’s part of our primal cortex and biologically tied to “fight or flight”


“Feed the Revolution” is about the revolutionary inside of us.  Instead of the fear side “Kill or be killed” it’s the revolutionary that is “Love or be loved” 




So, if you believe we are here to illuminate, to rid our shadows to shine a brighter light, this message has a deep resonance.  We have been feeding the war, and starving the revolution for too long, but the generations are shifting the energy and we are settling into the revolutionary generation, the love or be loved part of our psyche.


This part is open to communication, this person is tied to the planet and feels the connection between us all, this part of us is curious about others, not judgmental. 


This message is powerful and likely each of you have a meaning to assign to it.


If you resonate with this, share our blog or encourage your network to feed the revolution and starve the war. 


This planet of ours has finite resources and we are at the end of being able to justify the impact we humans have.  We are all in this together and I encourage you to inspire each other to do better, to be kinder, to look for the helpers. 


Thank you for letting us share this product with you.

We do affirmation custom designs and believe in the ripple effect that a conversation, a social media post, a rally, or even a t shirt can have if it provokes thought and feeds the right part of our psyche, the revolutionary. 






Her biggest hit and an incredible book “Dear Human” also available on Amazon.



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Here is my on the fly Youtube update about who Solgave is, who Courtney Walsh is, and the importance of trying to spread awareness about this slogan! 



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