The Ride from my Apartment to Bentonville Square and Back. Why?.....Read on....

I was going to meet my mom for lunch here in Fayetteville as I decided to buy a car or bookthat flight i didn't take, not for being in a bad space, the opposite. I wanted to makes sure I wasn't in the way VISA things are pending but I prayed, meditation, sought guidance, and went with a care pack and a sense of knowing I could sell what was in my flight and make up the lost 10,000 kroners on that one way flight.  Most important to me, everyone was comfortable. It's been a bumpy ride. 

Yesterday at 3:45P I felt a tug to take my non cycling "shape" body and do what i used to do, endurance sports.   It was 30 miles there with no wrong turns and leaving late in the day I needed to make good time.  Not 50 pounds over shape like I have been, maybe 18 to be critical, but hey, I'm just a dude so my weigh at 196 is healthy and lowest it's been in years.  I ran a half marathon at 205 with 8 weeks training to get it back on par, so I need to be less hard me. We all do.  This again, is what is we are united by, our insecurities, our relatability tha twe all have quirks and with support groups, friends, people to talk to, or our inner voice that drowns the rest out, we know when it is time to pedal , or climb, and not stop until your goal is reached. .

It was just what I needed. 

I use Jack Keraouck a lot in my writing because of his reminder to get out of the office and "climb that goddamn mountain" ...welll, I felt since I had no car or mountains close to climb, riding around 100KM in two days would push me b/c `i wasn't riding to prepare, just knowing I could.  Or needing to know I could. 

I saw every ounce of beauty between now and then. Pictures are attached.  The Solgave Threds were worn both ways and got some attention.  As you saw in my video post and if you follow along I'm changing everything.  Marketing, message, my truth, what this means to me and where I'll be in three weeks. 

I'll let the pics tell more than I can as I have slept little, on the phone with tax agencies and migration in Sweden as I have reached a tipping point that was far more serious than I thought. 


But due diligence pays.  And so it is, and so it will be.  

Life your life folks, it may go away tomorrow. Take chances, climb those mountains. Our designs are from our sou.  I'm gonna do a better j0ob of connecting that soul to consumers......

Thanks for the support and look for interesting blogs from all over the world soon, but I will try to write more, if even taking my IG pots and using those photos and editing those words as the bulk of my daily musings.  

I see images everywhere, art, and I love the pass ion of storytelling as I keep getting closer to inner peace. it is a vehicle tied together. 

Go speed......I love you all and your support, on Instagram, wow, miracles are happening, as I took off my promoted posts and thought differently it's exploding from very tiny accounts to, well just building step by step as they should. Like life....

Half way into the way up the meditative state of no thought was reached and ten degrees hotter on the way back it was painful most of the way, I had an overnith pack with clothes things, Ipad, etc so I was also carrying weight, and fighting wind, but ..again, no complaints it was AS IT SHOUDL BEA, AND IT WAS FUCKING AMAZING!

Get outside, find the core of who you are after you leave the thoughts and problems that aren't problems on the floor of the ground behind you as you pave new trails in your own life.