You are What you Eat (My Lunch at Zuppa Zuppa Inspired this Post)

It's no secret that prior to my moving to Scandinavia I was a walking mess.  Lots of TV, lots of fast food, lots of gossip, lots of medication for a variety of things like depression and anxiety, I drank too much, I read too much pop culture, and I was as unplugged from the natural resources as one can be. 

So my journey, and it's been one of ebbs and flows, has been a very personal one.  We are what we eat in every sense of the word.  

There are some great documentaries that show you what happens after going on a plant based diet for 30 days.  I don't need to give you any insights into those, they are so well known, but when local sourced organic herbs and veggies are served in a soup like I have had a few times the last week or so at Zuppa Zuppa you realize that what we put into our body is literally the medicine that can break it down, or build it back up.  

For a guy who spent half his life not caring about what went inside, I am becoming acutely interested in how and what goes into my body and how and what those changes can mean.  We hope to spark some dialogue and add some content that helps all of us understand the benefits of a holistic approach to eating food.