About us

Solgave Clothing is a dream come true.  My first job out of college was working for a startup company in Arkansas, a private label apparel company,  who understood brand development in ways I only now understand.  I read his story in the newspaper and knew i was meant to be there and learn, so I was able to find my way on board weekend while working two other jobs.  This planted a seed I could never shake. 

Upon meeting the mother of my children, we decided to build our own brand, something mystical, almost divine like if you will. On our blog site you can find out stories of how this happened, but it was about natural healing at its core.  Changing lives through alternative means.   

While we struggled with how to turn an ideology into a real business, I knew that if we moved back to Fayetteville, Arkansas where I knew the market so well, we could build our first branch of this "tree of life" around her animal gifts.  It was called Solgave Animal Solutions.  It was by all means a success, despite every bit of struggle to get past that first year.  

I'm most proud of our pack walks. 16 months in a row we gathered people together who might not fit into other cliques and combined workshops by Sunniva (`tips on how to manage energy with dogs) and took off on pack walks ranging from 1 mile to 6 miles.  They were a great way to show the public that we cared, that what we were doing was very real to us, and allowed us to connect to our clients and the community in a way that is challenging in today's age. 

We came in first runner up in the NWA Startup Cup with 25 companies applying. That 4 month long accelerator program with judges, presentations, and pressure to get better...really helped define the success of that business.   

Now in new owners hands and continuing to grow, which makes me so proud.  

So, how long have we been doing this? Well, that depends on how you look at it.   

This is not my first rodeo in terms of selling shirts and developing a brand, but it is new in that we are doing it all online and taking care to keep our ethos and standards intact along the way.  

Our shirts are American made, no sweat shops were involved. We care about the planet, we care about all the animals on it, we care about inspiring hope for the hopeless, and want people struggling to never give up.  

Because of my own journey, there will be a category "Musings on Recovery" that may be wall art, may be mugs, may be on t shirts.   

We are based out of Fayetteville, Arkansas but with my wife and kids living in Sweden we see ourselves as an international company.  I have a consulting business valid in Norway, we also explored professional animal care in Sweden in 2014 and got our F Tax status.   

The market is different everywhere around the world, so I chose to start in the place I call home, that fosters innovation and is centrally located to the rest of the United States.  

Special shipping rates will be applied for Swedish and Norwegian residents.  The more items you buy, the better than shipping rate is going to seem.   

So here we go, this About Me will change a lot in the coming months as we evolve and grow into this second cash flow business that is leading us to our dream.  

The Solgave Project.  A healing center where animals an "The Birth, The Growth, and The Dream" about Sunniva's hopes of an animal sanctuary and my hopes of an apparel company one day.  

That day has come.  


Categories of our designs and originail musings will be... 

Health (Mind, Body, and Spirit)  

Environment (Animals and Nature)  

Personal Development and Recovery (Becoming the best shade of you)  

Mystical Spirituality (ancient symbols, images and more)  

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Thank you for the support, it means the world to us.  

"Be the change we wish to see in the world" is our ethos, and we believe that if we can continue to uncover the truth in ourselves, than we allow the universe to be affected in positive ways.